If you weren’t already aware, all LeadJig users have the opportunity to design their own custom email templates. This tool allows you to offer a more personalized feel to your clients and can be completely customized. They’re so easy to create, even I could make this demonstration for you!

Step #1

First, you’ll need to login to your LeadJig account. This screen should appear when you first log in. Scroll over to the left and click on “Content Center”.

Step #2

This is the “Content Center”, which contains a variety of pre-made email templates. We automatically use pre-made templates when sending emails to your clients, but they are completely customizable if you wanted to make them your own.

Step #3

Select “Customize” under one of the email templates.

Step #4

Select your profile at the next screen.

Step #5

Now we’re in the email template editor! On the right side, you’ll see all the customization tools for the email.

Step #6

You can easily drag any of the “Content” tools into the editor. I went ahead and dragged a text block onto the email. You have the ability to customize anything, including the font, font size, and alignment.

Step #7

The “Rows” tab allows you to add more structure to your email. Simply drag and drop the row of your choice to the editor.

Step #8

You can fill any of the boxes with the tools from the “Content” tab.

Step #9

The “Settings” tab contains a few general options you can mess around with.

Step #10

When you’re done with the email, scroll over to the “Actions” button and hit “Preview”.

Step #11

The “Preview” button allows you to view the email in desktop and mobile form before you save. If the email is good to go, go ahead and hit the blue “Save” button in the upper right-hand corner. After, head back to the “Content Center”.

Step #12

You should see your custom email directly under the default email template.

Step #13

To make your personalized email the default, simply click the button next to your email. And now you’re done! Your email will automatically be sent to your clients when applicable.
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